Bauer Nexus League – Pro Stock Stick

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Bauer Nexus League – Pro Stock Stick


The Bauer Nexus Team League SR Hockey Stick is an elite-level mid-kick stick that is built to unleash some wicked slap shots and wrist shots. With those considerations in mind, the stick features various returning and upgraded material, including Power Sense 2 Technology, a re-engineered 15k one-piece carbon fibre shaft, and an amplified mid-kick sweet spot—all within a stick that is built to last.

Shaft Construction

The shaft has now been reinforced with a premium 15k carbon fibre build to keep the shaft both lightweight and durable. The carbon also effectively enhances the Nexus’ acclaimed mid-kick point, making shooting easier and smoother than ever. Bauer’s single molding process has also removed excess materials, which means the stick is now much lighter.

Blade Construction

First appearing in the Supreme MX3, the Nexus Team League hockey stick uses Power Sense 2 Blade Technology to lower blade weight and optimize the stick’s balance point. SENSE materials—Bauer’s addition of a high-density epoxy—is placed around TeXtreme fibre on the outer layer of the blade to reinforce its strength and ability to keep in contact with the puck. Power Sense 2 optimization makes this blade perfect for players who find themselves in the thick of battle often.

Stick Flex Profile

Like all in the Nexus line, the Nexus Team League hockey stick is built with a mid-kick flex profile and uses Sweet Spot Technology. The improved carbon shaft has made it even easier to make use of the stick’s mid-kick build. Similar to other mid-kick sticks, this hockey stick is best suited for defensemen and two-way forwards that focus most of their game on making big slap shots, wrist shots, or passes from particularly far away.