Bauer Pro Stock Vapor XX - Senior One Piece Composite Stick

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Blade Pattern: P29 Slight mid curve with a very slight open toe 

The Vapor XX in detail

The Vapor XX is one of the lightest sticks on the market. Bauer achieved this through what they call Minimalistic Design. Perhaps not as clouded as another major hockey brand’s marketing terminology, this simply means they didn’t waste any materials building the Vapor XX. The stick is a three layered, full carbon fiber shaft and blade encased in a smooth exterior. The taper of the Vapor XX is very long as well, eliminating some of the girth of the shaft near the blade, further reducing the weight.

The exterior shell gives it a nice silky smooth, yet slightly tacky feel. Unlike the Synergy and Si-Core grips which I find a little too sticky, the Bauer has a perfect blend of slip and grip allowing you to move your hands easily when you want to, and keeping your stick from flying away as well.

The blade is Carbon Fiber as well and filled with varied densities of foam. It might seem like a foam core blade will be fragile. However, foam core blades found their proving ground on goalie sticks over the years. They are highly capable of taking substantial punishment.

The various density of foam that Bauer utilizes in the Vapor XX stick aims to increase the feel of the stick without sacrificing durability. The foam density increases towards the heel and lower blade where passes are received and all shots should start.