Bauer Supreme 2000 - Junior Hockey Skates

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Bauer Supreme 2000 - Junior Hockey Skates

Sizes: 3.5D & 5.5EE


Tongue anatomically shaped 2 piece felt tongue remains anatomically positioned and naturally flexs forward. Quarter package Black nylon 1200 quarter resists cuts and delivers increased wear performance. Integrated anatomical ankle delivers greats support. Outsole durable blue bi-injected TPR outsole augments the rigidity of the interface and increases transfer of energy to the blade. Pro-stitching increases the stiffness of the skate, adding lateral stability and improved durability.


Resistant nylon top tip delivers proven cut resistance and solid boot construction. Footbedanatomical ETF Infini-Dry Energy Transmission repels moisture. High-density foam optimizes energy transfer from foot to blade. Moisture control holes allow moisture to exit the skate. Holder/Runner White TUUK® Custom+® holder optimizes vertical rise while minimizing weight. The result: improved thrust, tighter turns, and the proven feel of TUUK®. TUUK® Stainless Steel Runner.