Bauer Supreme One.9 Sr. Composite Stick

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 Just below the best of the best is the Bauer Supreme One.9 Composite Stick. Following in the Supreme One100’s footsteps, the One.9 brings advanced technology and innovative features straight to your hands.

 The One.9 features Monocomp technology, Bauer’s groundbreaking process for producing true one-piece sticks. This method reduces excess material during production to create a stick with optimized balance and improved strength. Constructed with premium 3K carbon composite and square, double-concave shaft dimensions, you’ll be able to feel the softness of the stick at the top while the stiffer bottom allows for sickly quick shot releases. The Supreme power dual taper combines with the amplified mid-kick point to create a hyper release that is perfect for slap-shots, one-timers, and sniping all day long. Also added to the One.9 is the Tac-Spiral texture. This Tac-Spiral consists of little bumps lining the stick which also allows for a better feel and for you to keep hold of your stick.


 The blade of the One.9 is equipped with Power Core 3 blade core which makes the blade lighter while still retaining some stiffness, greatly enhancing puck feel. This blade is also equipped with Pure Shot blade profile, meaning this optimized blade profile increases the connection point between the blade-hosel and the transition of the stick to reduce the amount of blade deflection--or the twisting or opening of the blade while shooting--improving overall blade control and pinpoint shooting accuracy.


 A smooth matte finish literally finishes the construction of the stick. Combine the enhanced puck feel, blade stiffness, Monocomp technology, and the amplified kick and it’ll be hard not to find the Supreme One.9 at the top of the score sheet.