Bauer Vapor - Senior Goalie Jill

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Bauer Vapor - Women's Goal Jill

The Bauer Women's Vapor Goalie Jill offers high-end protection with Bauer's best moisture-management system to date. The front plate features their new AeroLite Foam that does an excellent job of dissipating impact energy, but it also won't absorb moisture like traditional foams. Internally, Bauer upgraded the liner with their new Transfer Mesh and 37.5 Technologies.

Transfer Mesh's unique construction allows significantly more air to flow through the jock, bringing fresh air in and letting hot air out. The 37.5 Technology is embedded into the mesh and these micro particles actually use a player's body heat to evaporate moisture. When these two are combined, they make for the most breathable and driest jock Bauer's ever made!


Nylon / knitted mesh

Durable breathable materials


37.5 Technology with Transfer Mesh

Transfer Mesh allows for premium airflow through the jock

37.5 Technology uses a player's body heat to evaporate moisture, significantly reducing drying time.

Front Plate:

Articulating frontal plate with AeroLite Foam

Additional protection that won't absorb water like traditional foams


Injection molded poly

Comfort edge

Provides additional protection for the groin and inner thigh areas


Ergonomic waistband design

2" elastic velcro waist strap

1" adjustable elastic leg strap