Bauer Vapor X 40 Sr. Ice Hockey Skates

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Bauer Vapor X 40 - Sr. Ice Hockey Skates

Size: 7 R

The Bauer X40 is a light, comfortable skate. The X40 Skates are available in Youth, Junior and Senior full, regular width sizes, so players of all ages will be able to find their size. Although they are not thermoformable, the boots are supportive despite being comfortably forgiving, and they will break in very naturally to provide a great fit.

The brushed nylon liner is both durable and comfortable, helping to keep your feet locked in place for great stability. Like the X50 and X60 Skates, the X40 Skates come with the Tuuk Lightspeed Pro Holders and Stainless-Steel Runners. At this price point, the Vapor X40 Skates are an excellent choice.