Bauer Vapor X50 Stick'um - Senior One Piece Composite Stick

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The Bauer Vapor X50 grip hockey stick offers great performance and value.

The X:50 stick has many of the same features as the X:60 hockey stick.  The big difference between the two hockey sticks, is the type of carbon material used. The X50 stick does not feature the TeXtreme carbon material, making the X:50 slightly heavier.  The X50 also does not use Monocomp technology.  Otherwise the X50 hockey stick has the same great features as the X60 hockey stick.

Bauer has also introduced the Intelli-sense shot technology to this years Vapor line.  Bauer sought to create a stick that can do everything, from big slappers from the point, to dangling through the "D" and ripping a wristers past the goalie. The Intelli-sense shot technology, alters the flex of the stick based upon the type of shot you are taking.  This allows you to load up maximum energy on slap shots and one-timers while having an explosive low-kick point for wrist shots and snap shots.  Bauer is able to alter the flex by basing it on the lower hand placement on the shaft. This makes for a great all around stick.

The X50 also features what Bauer is calling Pure Shot blade profile, which is additional material at connection point between the shaft and the blade.  This increases blade rigidity offering pin-point shot accuracy.  Bauer has also introduced a new type of foam used in the blade called Aero Core II technology.  This foam offers an exceptional puck feel, helping to keep the puck stuck to the blade when receiving passes.

  • Construction:
    • Traditional one-piece composite stick construction
  • Shaft:
    • Micro feel II shaft - Rounded corners and double concave shaft walls allow the stick to fit comfortably in your hands, resulting in easier puck handling and superior control
  • Geometry:Grip: Stick'um Grip coating
    • Vapor premier dual taper - Features a secondary taper along the top/bottom surface decreasing torsional deflection for increased puck control and shot accuracy
    • Intelli-Sense shot technology through advanced engineering the flex profile of the shaft can now sense the type of shot based on the positioning of the player's hands.  This results in maximized loading for optimal performance on wrist or slap shots.
  • Blade:
    • Pure shot blade profile - Expansion of the connection point of the blade and shaft reduces the torsional deflection of the blade resulting in a maintained blade control and a more accurate shot
    • Aero Core II Technology blade core - For an exceptional puck feel and vibration dampening