CCM JetSpeed FT350 Shin Guard

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CCM JetSpeed FT350 Shin Guard

The all new JetSpeed FT350 shin guards were developed to be extremely lightweight and offer excellent freedom of movement, without compromising protection.



Anatomically-shaped PE shell and knee

Vented front for direct airflow through the pad

Medium-density PE Foam

Flexible, lightweight protection

Found in lower thigh guard, around knee, and calf guard


Removable Brushed Nylon

Soft, moisture-wicking material that can be removed for quicker drying time


Lightweight, low-profile for the crafty player looking for minimal size and maximum mobility

Hinge System

Kneecap and shin guard connected on sides by hinged design

Provides good mobility and prevents gaps in protection between the knee and the shin

2-Strap system

1" nylon knee strap

2.5" elastic calf strap


446 grams (Based on a 14")