CCM RibCor 44K Grip Senior Hockey Stick

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The RIBCOR series is all about having a stick that is easier to load and more efficient at generating power for your shot. The quick release of the stick comes from the low kick point, while still providing control and accuracy.

The Ribcor 44K does not have the visible rib construction in the taper which can be found in the higher models of the Ribcor line. What it does have is called easy to load technology; this is a mimicked version of the unique stiffness profile caused by the fibers being in tension which has been put into the 44K to give it those easy to load characteristics.

The Ribcor 44K uses a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass throughout the entirety of the stick. The orientation of the fibers creates the High Power Taper Ratio, which means that it has a stiffer top and bottom in relation to the front and back of the shaft, resulting in less twisting on shots and more direct power transfer. The senior shaft uses a Traditional geometry with square-corners.

Moving down to the blade, the SXX blade is designed to go from stiff in the heel to extra stiff at the toe. Internal reinforcements run along the length of the blade acting as bridges to provide a stiff feel throughout that gain even more rigidity at the toe. CCM has gone a step further by angling these reinforcements upward at the toe for an even stiffer toe than before, which helps keep the blade square to the target.