CCM Ribcor Trigger2 PMT Grip Hockey Stick

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CCM Ribcor Trigger2 PMT Grip Hockey Stick

The RibCor Trigger2 PMT Senior Stick from CCM Hockey. Throughout the past few years, the RibCor stick line has been gaining more and more followers, due to its well-proven performance at all levels. With a new-and-improved taper and an optimal flex ratio, the ease of loading and the quickness of release on the Trigger2 is unlike anything currently on the market. The stick also features an enhanced flex zone in the upper shaft, allowing the player to load more energy by using their top hand as a lever. By combining all of these new features, what you get is CCM's best-performing RibCor stick to date!

The optimized RibCor low kick point on the Trigger2 helps the player get shots off faster through the storage of energy in the upper 1/3 of the shaft. The optimized vertical flex ratio allows the player to move the puck into a proper shooting position with greater ease before following thru with the puck release. Additionally, the stick is built with PopMatrix technology with a re-engineered taper, offering a smooth transition area to maximize bending and efficiently transfer the energy stored.

Moving onto the blade, it is an ascent blade 3, which is a lighter blade that features a tactile blade surface for greater puck feel, as well as added reinforcement in the heel and toe for longer durability. The shaft is engineered for performance and is manufactured from the lowest carbon fiber in the industry to optimize performance, minimize weight and maximize strength. To round out the RibCor Trigger 2 PMT from CCM, the stick is built with SigmaTex, which is an ultra-lightweight, but very strong material due to its high weaving process.

Improved taper, helping to optimize the low-kick flex profile

Optimal vertical flex profile, allowing the player to easily get shots off with greater ease

Crossbow effect, which is an enhanced flex zone in the upper 1/3 of the shaft