Easton Stealth RS Grip - Senior Composite Stick

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The Easton Stealth RS hockey stick is the premier hockey stick from Easton Hockey. The Stealth RS stick has taken the overall design of the S19 and S17 stick and perfected it to offer an even better shot release with a lighter feel.  Easton has used a slightly different materials to slightly decrease the sticks overall weight, without sacrificing durability. The guys at Easton have also fine tuned the flex profile to offer more pop and a smoother more consistent feel.

The Easton RS stick features a Kevlar® wrapped Compression Molded shaft to offer power and a great feel.  This particular construction uses thinner layers of material to allow for additional layers.  The result is in an unbelievably responsive feel that maintains the lively feel throughout the lifespan of the stick. The Kevlar® wrap increases durability and helps lengthen the lifespan of the stick, along with an extremely solid feel with less vibrations.  

The RS hockey sticks feature slightly different shaft dimensions than the S19 sticks. Easton has decided to use a pro inspired shaft dimensions that majority of their NHL pro players uses. The shaft dimensions have straight sidewalls, rounded corners, and very slightly narrower feel.

Easton's RS hockey stick features the same TORX™ technology seen on the S19 and S17 hockey sticks.  TORX™ is the distinguishing elliptical shaft shape in the lower portion of the hockey stick.  This increases the torsional strength and rigidity to the blade, resulting in lightning quick and accurate releases.  Easton has fine tuned the elliptical profile / flex profile on the RS stick to offer a shot release that has more pop and a smoother more consistent feel. Excellent for wrist / snap shots but still packs a punch on one timers in the slot. 

The RS stick features a multi-core blade design.  The upper core is constructed out of honeycomb type material for excellent dampening.  The lower portion of the blade features a more solid foam.  This design improves the feel and helps keep the blade in contact with the puck longer, for better puck control and shot accuracy.


  • Level of Player: Ideal for the advanced to pro level player
  • Construction: Fused one-piece
  • Shaft Dimensions: Rounded corners/Straight sidewalls
  • Flex Point: Low kick
  • Weight: 442 grams (based on Hall curve, 85 flex)