Easton Stealth S11 - Senior One Piece Composite Stick

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The Stealth S11 stick features an ultra thin taper with an elliptical profile for torsional control. This stick is constructed with a combination of fiberglass and graphite using a micro bladder process for a consistent shaft from top to bottom. The multi-rib blade construction adds power and durability. 
510 gram senior stick weight
Curve: Forsberg/Zetterberg (old Madano)
Description: This is a very slight curve, the smallest offered by Easton. It is slightly open, with a round toe.
Advantages: This curve is excellent for passing. It is also good for deflections (tipping) and backhand shots due to its large flat area. The slight curve also makes it good for catching and giving passes on the backhand.
Drawbacks: This curve makes it more difficult to raise the puck from in close near the net. Most players also prefer a bigger curve than this for shooting. In addition, controlling the puck is harder with the Zetterberg because it really does not cup the puck at all.
Similar Curves: Bauer PM9, Warrior Fedorov/Savard, Reebok Madano/Hamrlik, CCM Steen, Mission Boyes/Elias, TPS Tkackuk, Sherwood Bouchard
(underlined curves are most similar)
Bottom Line: This is the playmakers' curve. If passing and feeding is your game, go with the  Forsberg/Zetterberg (old Madano).