Easton Synergy EQ30 - Senior One Piece Composite Stick

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The EQ line of sticks is all about optimizing feel and puck control. The EQ30 stick features Easton's Focus Weight Technology™ which is visible on the back of the blade. This is a 5 gram weight that redistributes weight to the impact area to control hard passes and keep the puck on your blade.
Easton uses a hybrid Kevlar® wrap on the outermost layer of the shaft. This provides the added benefits of vibration dampening and impact protection. In addition to that wrap, the EQ30 shaft is made of Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass and its geometry has square corners with slightly concave walls allowing you to get a nice secure grip of your stick. The EQ30 is available in either a clear gloss finish or with the grip finish. It has a gradual taper that leads to a lower kick point.
For the blade, Easton uses a multi-rib construction through its micro-bladder process. This means that there are 2 structural ribs that run the length of the blade with a combination of a bladder and foams between the ribs. This provides a great feel to the stick and in conjunction with the 3K carbon wrap provides a nice amount of stiffness and torsional rigidity to the blade.
The EQ30 stick offers great value at this price.
  • Visible Focus Weight Technology™ (5 grams) redistributes weight to the impact area to control hard passes and keep the puck on your blade
  • Hybrid Kevlar® wrapped shaft for impact protection and vibration dampening
  • Multi-Rib™ and Micro-Bladder™ blade
  • CONTROL: Engineered to keep the puck on your blade to control the game
  • PASS: Redistributes and focuses weight in the ultra-light blade to catch the toughest passes
  • SHOOT: Delivers more power and velocity making your shot unstoppable