Easton Synergy ST - Senior One Piece Composite Stick

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The Easton Synergy ST hockey stick offers great performance and unbelievable power.

Easton has designed the ST stick to with stand a beating and still deliver monster slappers from the point.  The ST hockey stick uses a Easton's high-end compression molding process to deliver great power and an even consistent flex. To further improve the performance Easton has used a Kevlar wrap around the exterior of the shaft, offering increased durability along with dampening vibrations in the stick.  This gives the stick a great solid feel. and improved lifespan.

Easton has continued to the use the same synergy shaft that has received great reviews in the past.  This offers a lower kick-point for a great shot release.

The call out feature of the ST stick is the SHOX technology.  SHOX technology uses a Resin Transfer molding process.  The ST stick is currently the only stick only stick on the market that uses this type of molding process.  This process gives the blade some unique characteristics offering improved performance.  The blade has a denser solid feel, helping stick pucks to the blade when receiving passes. Easton has also used thicker walls to offer increased power and strength.