Firstar - ORIGINAL Long Sleeve Top - Navy

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Loose fitting
2-way stretch
MST™ technology
Odour dissipating


Firstar’s Fabric Technology


MST – (Moisture System Transference)


MST micro fibre technology uses very fine fibres which are made into long strand fibres called filaments. Each filament is less than 1 decitex in measure, finer than a strand of human hair. Five to 8 filaments, each filament having slightly different performance capabilities, are twisted together to form a fine thread. Due to the unique blend of filaments, and their configuration within the thread, this creates a greater surface area for moisture to travel along the thread. These threads are then knitted together in a specific pattern which increases the speed of moisture movement through the material.


MST is a three step process: 1 – As the body perspires, moisture is transferred through the material from the skin to the outer layer of clothing, a process called moisture absorption or wicking; 2 – The moisture spreads over the surface area (moisture transport or disbursement); 3 – The disbursement process allows the outer air to evaporate the moisture (moisture drying or evaporation).


As moisture is pulled away from the body it carries with it the body’s built up heat, helping to regulate body temperature. This is an invaluable process as it also minimizes excessive temperature drops in the body during the cool down period after intense physical activity. MST technology provides body heat regulating while minimizing energy expended to keep the body cool and comfortable.


BACTOUT is applied to the fabric in a manner which allows for complete protection of the fabric and has been proven to be consistently effective with no tendency to cause discoloration.

The superior performance of this new generation antimicrobial has been achieved by combining application expertise developed with proprietary nano technology manufacturing processes. The ultra-fine particles adhere more effectively to the fabric for longer protection and is a 100% natural antimicrobial.

Laboratory results confirm that the antimicrobial properties of BACTOUT remain strong after 50 or more machine washes – a powerful benefit for consumers of sports and leisure wear. In trials, using typical application processes on FIRSTAR fabrics, the bacterial kill rate after 50 machine washes was 99.9%.

COOLSKIN - Uses MST technology to move the skin’s moisture quickly to the surface of the fabric and vaporize it. Saves energy the body normally uses to perform this function and ultimately maximizes physical performance levels.


2 Way Stretch is a mechanical stretch created by the weave of the fabric and has no stretch material.

Loose Fit is a relaxed fit, a comfortable garment for any use.