Nike Bauer Supreme One35 - Junior Hockey Skate

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Nike Bauer Supreme One35 - Junior Hockey Skate

Size: 4D

These skates are in excellent condition with minor marking. Plenty of blade left and ankle support.

The SupremeProduct Description:

One35 offers upgraded heel and ankle support with a hydrophobic microfiber liner. The Nike Bauer Supreme One35 skates feature sublimated ultra-light tech mesh uppers, hydrophobic clarino synthetic leather liner, patented pro-integrated, anatomical heel/ankle support, lightweight insta-form+ foam ankle pads, and tuuk lightspeed pro blades.

Product Features:

Quarter Package: 3D injected Trueform thermoformable upper

Heel Support: Exterior embossed heel cup

Ankle Padding: Insta-form+ foam ankle pads

Footbed: Power channel superfit+