Reebok 20K Sickick 4 Pro Stock - Senior One Piece Composite Stick

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The Sickick IV series of sticks from Reebok is all about control, accuracy and a quick release. The quick release comes from the low-mid kick point, while control and accuracy come from their Dual Matrix II™ and AccuBlade™ technologies which are also found throughout the line. The 20K is lightweight, has great balance and a nice clean look.


  • Pure fiber construction one-piece construction that eliminates overlapping material in the lower shaft reducing weight and offing more consistency for maximum energy transfer
  • Two different graphite weaves are used on the forehand and backhand to increase the power and snap during shot release
  • Dual Matrix Technology offers a spring loading effect at the kick point for a quick and deadly release
  • Individual carbon fibers run straight through the shaft into the blade for maximum energy transfer
  • High modulus graphite - The lightest stick from Reebok yet

Flex Profile:

  • Low-kick point- Lowest kick point in hockey


  • Traditional shaft shape
  • Straight sidewalls with rounded corners

Shaft Taper:

  • Dual Matrix II™ technology - 0 and 90° carbon fiber orientation in front with 45° carbon fiber orientation in back provides a stiffer taper

Blade Core:

  • AccuBlade™ with foam core - gets stiffer as you go from heel to toe, less torquing keeps blade face closed

Blade Wrap:

  • Dual Matrix II™ technology - High Modulus Carbon Fiber with 0 and 90° orientation in front with 45° orientation in back provides sling-shot effect
  • Due to the nature of pro stock sticks, sticks may have minor cosmetic blemishes
  • Shaft texture may vary, grip or clear finish
  • No warranty