Sher-Wood M Prime Composite Stick

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Brand new for the 2019-2020 season is the Sher-Wood MPrime Senior Ice Hockey Stick.

Starting with the interior of the MPrime Hockey Stick, it is made up of UD carbon construction throughout its entirety. This material allows the stick to remain highly durable and responsive.

The MPrime Hockey Stick is a low-kick stick powered by Sher-Wood’s Dropkick Taper. This aggressive taper provides more efficient loading times, resulting in ultra-quick shot releases. This setup will take less force to engage the stick’s kick point, allowing players to quickly fire the puck off their blade with ease.

Moving down to the blade, the MPrime Hockey Stick features the VRF.2 blade. This blade keeps the vibrations to a minimum, giving players heightened puck control and feel during passing, stickhandling and shooting. It also excels in durability, keeping your stick feeling newer, for longer.

Heightening the control even more is the Spear Shaft Technology. This one-piece design extends all the way into the heel of the blade, meaning the player is in constant contact with the ice and the puck. This means players will have better feel and control of the puck during quick stick handling and on shot releases.

If you are a player looking for a hockey stick that excels in durability and responsiveness, look no further than the Sher-Wood MPrime Senior Ice Hockey Stick.