Sher-Wood Project 5 Grip Hockey Stick

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The Sher-Wood Project 5 Grip Hockey Stick gives you the whip and power you want but with more stability as you grow in the game. The textured grip finish gives you great control while the mid kickpoint gives you a great combination of quick release wrist shots and powerful slap shots.


Power Pivot Technology: An improved weight distribution results in optimal balance for effortless mobility and power.

Spear Shaft Technology: Spear Shaft Technology gives you a true one piece stick. The shaft runs through the heel of the blade to provide a better puck feel and more consistent flex profile.


Mid Kickpoint

Wider Hosel

Square Shaft

Textured Grip Finish

Weight - 535g (Senior)

Length - 55”

Sher-Wood Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Specs Chart

Pattern Curve Type Curve Depth Face Angle Lie SR Blade Length Toe Shape
PP26 - Stastny Mid 1/2" Open 6 Medium Round
PP28 - McDavid Mid-Toe 1/2" Open Toe 5 Medium Round
PP77 - Coffey Mid 3/4" Open 5.5 Short
PP88 - Kane Mid 1/2" Slightly Open 6 Medium Round