Sher-Wood Project 9 Grip - Hockey Stick

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The Sher-Wood Project 9 Grip Hockey Stick provides elite-level performance at an affordable price point, while the new Shot Sensor Technology now brings quick-release versatility to a traditional mid-kick flex profile. The Project 9 debuts an enlarged sweet spot through the center of the shaft so that power shooters won't have to sacrifice a quick shot release when using a mid-kick flex profile stick anymore.

Sherwood's new FlyStrong Technology adds extra layers of the pro-spec 12K carbon fiber in the upper portion of the shaft for better impact management. FlyStrong is involved in the Power Pivot weight distribution strategy that raises the balance point by allocating more weight in the upper shaft than the blade. The result is a better feel for the puck, increased swing speed and an improved transfer of energy from the stick and into the puck.

Also new to the Project 9 Stick is the VRF.3 blade core. Sherwood developed a new manufacturing process that allows them to use more carbon fiber and less resin, which results in better consistency, durability and longevity of the "new blade" feel. It is then wrapped in Blackline 18K Carbon Fiber that reduces weight without comprising strength, stability or puck sense.


Speared Shaft Design

The shaft runs directly into the heel of the blade for a direct feel for the puck and better consistency

High-Modulus 12k Carbon Fiber

30% lighter than the competition with even more pop and responsiveness

Power Pivot Technology

Extra-reinforced upper handle improves weight distribution for a better balance point, faster swing speed and a more efficiently loading process

FlyStrong Technology

Additional layers of carbon fiber to provide better impact management without sacrificing feel, responsiveness or weight


Slightly rounded corners with square side walls

Flex Profile:

Versatile Mid-Kick Point with Shot Sensor Technology

Built for an optimal shot release in any scenario and especially excels in heavily-loading shots

Engineered by increasing the sweet spot near the middle of the shaft


Grip stick finish with raised texture for enhanced feel


Blackline 18K carbon fiber

Premium-grade fiber utilizing a proprietary manufacturing process that delivers Sherwood's most responsive, lightest and consistent fiber ever

The unique flat tow fiber is thinner, allowing Sherwood to wrap the layers tighter, resulting in better energy transfer and more durability

VRF.3 (Vibration Reduction Foam Core)

The high-quality core that prevents premature disintegration new stick that lasts longer

The highest-quality foam used by Sherwood to date, providing increased durability, more shot power and better puck sense

The new manufacturing process uses more carbon and less resin for improved consistency, impact management and long-term puck feel

Carbon Bridge "Stabilizer" that runs heel to toe

Provides the stiffness and rigidity needed for an accurate shot

Reduces stress on the foam and provides an optimal puck feel

Reinforced hosel area maintains great accuracy by preventing the blade from opening up on big, powerful shots.

Sher-Wood Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Specs Chart

Pattern Curve Type Curve Depth Face Angle Lie SR Blade Length Toe Shape
PP26 - Stastny Mid 1/2" Open 6 Medium Round
PP28 - McDavid Mid-Toe 1/2" Open Toe 5 Medium Round
PP88 - Kane Mid 1/2" Slightly Open 6 Medium Round