Sher-Wood Rekker Euro Pro Stock Grip Stick

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Sherwood Rekker EURO Grip Senior Composite Stick The Sher-wood Rekker Euro sticks feature the elite specs of the Nexon N12 stick with a stylish and sleek Rekker graphics. These sticks were designed exclusively for European pro athletes but we’ve managed to get our hands on a few! The shaft of the stick features VARIMAX Technology, a carbon composite layering process that strategically orients carbon to provide a direct response with better energy return. Through this process you also get end-to-end stability with torsion control for more accurate and powerful shots. Sher-wood also provides a Pro-Fit shape for better control of the stick and a natural feel. They reengineered the corner radiuses and created a consistent flex profile that allows the stick to shoot and feel the same each ice time. Moving down to the blade, a foam stabilizing core dampens high frequency shock waves you may experience when shooting and passing to provide additional comfort and better puck feel. The stabilizing core is wrapped with a high modulus carbon fiber to increase the stiffness of the blade and reduce deflection resulting in more accurate shots. The Sher-Wood Rekker Euro sticks provide players with an excellent feel as well as durability. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just want a trustworthy stick for your rec league, it wont disappoint!

Products Features Feature Description Brand Sherwood Category Performance Weight 430g Materials VARIMAX Technology Length 60" Flex Point Low Kick Grip Grip Shaft Shape Pro-Fit Blade Construction High Modulus Carbon Composite w/ Foam Stabilizer Core Taper Tapered.