Sher-Wood T90 – Senior Hockey Pants

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Sher-Wood T90 – Senior Hockey Pants

The Sherwood T90 Pro Ice Hockey Pants are ideal for advanced to pro level play. The T90 Pro ice pant utilizes a two-piece construction to increase mobility and enhance stride performance. Therefore, when players are skating their protection is able to overlap without limiting their flexibility.

The exterior of the pant contains 420-denier nylon, which makes its extremely durable and lightweight. Additionally, the inner groin presents adequately placed ventilated stretch mesh connecting to a four-way stretch lycra material. This extends to the zipper adjustments in the inner thigh for optimal manoeuvrability. The closure system headlines an inside and outside belt for two-way fitting, and skate laces for an old time aesthetic look.

The molded plastic thigh protectors offer a great comprehensive wrap providing sound front and back protection. The kidney and hip region consists of dual layered medium-density foam comprised of a molded plastic insert. The spine protection features segmented comfort foam backed by plastic inserts to protect against game time impacts. The Sherwood T90 Pro ice pant is traditional fitting; therefore, the volume in the thighs continues its relaxed fit all the way to the hips.

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