Sherwood RM7 - Senior One Piece Composite Stick

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  • Custom woven on computer-controlled filament winding machines, with a pattern of weave that embraces the strongest geometrical design for strength.
  • Constant reflex memory
  • ergonomically designed shape.
  • Anti-vibration hybrid design.


Sher-Wood Blade Patterns



Sher-Wood Blade Pattern Chart

Pattern Curve Depth Curve Type Face Angle Lie Toe Shape Easton equivalent
Bouchard P96 1/2" Heel Neutral 5.5 Round Zetterberg
Coffey P77 3/4" Big Heel Open 5.5 Round Chara/Gaborik
Stastny P26
Crosby P6087
1/2" Heel Open 6.0 Round Sakic