‘Team Canada Skills of Gold’ (Volume 2) 4 - DVD Set

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(This DVD is in NTSC - Format)

‘Team Canada Skills of Gold’ Volume 2 is comprised of 4 DVDs that break down the primary skills of hockey for coaches and players in a clear and easy to follow format. The series is designed to enhance the skills of hockey players of all ages and skill levels. ©2005

DVD 5 – OFFENSIVE TACTICS: Covers the fundamentals of offensive tactics in the defensive, neutral and offensive zone; 56 minutes.

DVD 6 – DEFENSIVE TACTICS: Covers the fundamentals of defensive tactics for individual players as well as team defensive tactics through all three zones. Topics include: skating, 1 on 1 defensive technique, back checking, backside support, shot blocking, 2 on 1 rush defense; forechecking, defensive zone coverage, etc.; 37 minutes.

DVD 7 – TEAM PLAY: Covers the concepts of defensive zone coverage, breakouts, transitions and regroups, offensive zone play, forechecking, special teams and faceoffs; 61 minutes.

DVD 8 – OFF ICE TRAINING: An inside look at off ice training techniques that will enhance a players abilities on ice. 51 minutes.